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When John Paciga, a 5th grader in Mrs. Martoccia’s class at Immaculate Conception School in Annandale, NJ was given the task of selecting a book for a class project, he picked “Stormbreaker,” written by Anthony Horrowitz. The book’s main character is Alex Rider, a 14 year-old super spy. John’s assignment was to create a “time capsule” and we LOVE the fact that John used the Junior Brown Persona Pail to create Spy Agent Alex, complete with a spy magnifying glass!

John then set out to find different objects which reflect the book’s main character and plot. He taped a notecard with an explanation to each item and placed them inside the pail. From all reports, John’s classmates loved it and so did Mrs. Martoccia! Great job John and thanks for sending us your picture!


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With the start of school, it’s nice to show appreciation for our children’s teachers with a fun and easy gift.

Here we created Amazing Ms. Andrews from the ORANGE pail stickers. Create your own teacher character and fill with a gift card or school supplies like markers, pens, pencils and chalk. Or, have each student bring in a small item to fill the pail and then the kids can sign their name on the back with a permanent marker. Be sure to include the extra stickers that come with the kit so your teacher can reuse the pail in the classroom!

Here’s a few name ideas for your teacher’s Persona Pail – try to create a name using their first or last name:

–  A+ Teacher Teresa

–  Fabulous Ms. Frazier

–  Inspiring Mr. Illick

–  Principal Penny

–  Phenomenal Miss Foley

–  Marvelous Mrs. Martin

–  Positive Miss Peterson

–  Spectacular Mr. Scott

–  Terrific Ms. Tyler

–  Wonderful Mrs. Williams

Remember, our Persona Pail Teacher Giveaway is still going on this week. If you know of a pre-k or elementary teacher who would love a new, creative and FREE  tool for the classroom, please pass on our information!

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We are thrilled to be able to put TEN Persona Pails in TEN classrooms across the country!

If you are a pre-k or elementary school teacher, be among the FIRST TEN* to email us at cast@personagiftpail.com and we will send you our Brown Junior pail along with the Pink Junior sticker set (shipping included). This will allow you to create boy and girl characters for limitless possibilities!

Here’s all you need to do – send us:

           –  Your Name

           –  Grade Level

           –  One way you might use the Persona Pail in the classroom

           –  School

           –  School Website

           –  School Address

           –  City, State, Zip

*Limit one teacher per school.

Then, we would love it if you could update us throughout the year and even send photographs for our blog!

Thanks for all you do for our children,

Melinda and Pam

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When we originally came up with the idea of the Persona Pail, we thought it would be an awesome way to give a personalized gift (and it still is!). However, we now realize that it can be used for so much more!

This simple little kit can bring out the creativity in kids’ classrooms – what a fun and wonderful teaching tool!  One way to add a creative spark is to ask for the children’s input and create a class mascot. The Persona Pail can then be “accessorized” based on different seasons and holidays. For example, place a pilgrim hat on your pail for Thanksgiving and then switch to ear muffs or a knit hat during the winter months. We love this photograph of Susan Rozell, a first grade teacher at Ridgewood Elementary School in Port Neches, Texas. She’s proud of their school mascot –  the “Indians” – so what could be a better class buddy than this cute character donning a feather headdress in the school’s colors of purple and white!

Here’s a couple more ideas we came up with and we’d love to hear yours!

–  Create a “book character” based on your lesson plan . . . how about Tom Sawyer with a straw hat, pop on a chef hat for “Chicken Soup with Rice” or tie a great big bow for Junie B. Jones…tell us your book character ideas and we’ll post them!

–  Use the pail as a place to keep positive rewards such as healthy treats or coupons for special privileges.

–  Pick a “Persona Producer” of the week so children can take turns to create their own fun character . . . they can even bring hats and other accessories from home. As part of their “show and tell” presentation, ask them to write a brief description of their special friend.

–  The award-winning book by Carol McCloud, “Have You Filled a Bucket Today?” has a beautiful character-strengthening message within a great story and many school districts have adopted the “Bucket Filling” program in their schools. You can incorporate your Persona Pail into the program by filling it with foam stars when students do kind things for others. Here’s a full review of the book posted by Tracy Stevens, a former teacher who writes for the “A Better Education” blog.

–  The Persona Pail also makes a great gift for teacher appreciationmore on that tomorrow!

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